Faculty & Staff

Ashkan Bahrani

Visiting Assistant Professor
M.A., Shiraz University; Ph.D. candidate, Vanderbilt University


Ashkan Bahrani is a PhD candidate of Religious Studies (Critical Studies in Asian, Islamic and Jewish Traditions) at Vanderbilt University. He earned his MA in Islamic Philosophy and Theology from Shiraz University (2009).  His main field of specialization is Islamic Studies and his academic interests consist of history of Muslim civilizations, in general, and history of Sufi ideas as well as Islamic philosophical thought, in particular. He has published both original research, including The Mirrors of Nothingness: Negative Theology according to Rumi and Meister Eckhart (Published in Persian in 2011) and works of translation, including the Persian translation of Ahmet Karamustafa’s Sufism: The Formative Period (2016).

Ashkan is currently working on his dissertation under the title of Sufi Debates in Premodern Iran (9th-15th cent): A Genealogical Approach in which he investigates the emergence, configuration, and reframing of the concept of ‘Sufism’ in modern Iranian studies, with a focus on the case of Sufi debates in premodern Greater Iran.