The study of religion is central to a liberal arts education and thus to the mission of the University of the South: to be liberally educated, Sewanee students ought to have a direct, critical encounter with religion and the most basic questions of meaning and purpose that religion addresses. Religious studies courses are designed to raise and reflect upon the central and abiding questions that challenge us all: What is the nature of religion? How does religion live in so many different and interesting ways in human culture? How do human beings throughout history express their deepest beliefs, concerns and faiths? Where do we find and how do we make sense of the Holy? What are our moral commitments and obligations? As citizens of the new millennium, how then shall we live in light of computers and in the shadow of concentration camps? From antiquity to postmodernity, China to Chattanooga, religion is to be encountered shaping human experience. At Sewanee the religious studies department, students and faculty together, through formal classes, independent study, and co-curricular activities investigate the role of religion and the many faces it presents.

Religious studies is not one field of study but many; by nature the study of religion is a multi-disciplinary effort that requires investigation of history, culture, values, sacred texts, theology, and philosophical thought. Such study requires familiarity with methods of historical analysis, literary criticism, phenomenological description, and cross-cultural, comparative study. For this reason the study of religion complements well other majors, the women's studies minor, and curricular interests.

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Department of Religious Studies
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Dr. Sid Brown
Office Location: Walsh-Ellett 215
Phone: (931) 598-1529
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